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What does my exhaust do?

Even though there are no moving parts in your exhaust system, it’s one of the hardest working systems in your car. If an engine ran perfectly, it would burn all of the available fuel as it went through the system - turning every bit into pure power. But because there are so many variables, an engine can’t run perfectly, so leftovers exist as pollution. There will always be some amount of fuel that won’t be burned and these substances must be quickly taken out of your car.
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Why choose us?

Did you know that a smoothly functioning exhaust can add up to 20 horsepower? With over 30 years serving Oahu, we at Exhaust Systems Hawaii have learned our profession thoroughly. Each type of car needs a slightly different exhaust system to keep it running at peak performance. We know this and are able meet all your car’s exhaust needs. Our knowledgeable staff offers unmatched workmanship coupled with friendly, professional service.  All welding work done on the vehicles is certified by Robert Guieb. And best of all, we offer the best warranties in the business. We guarantee it!

What do we offer?

We offer the finest in headers, mufflers, and exhaust systems. Our custom fabricated and bolt-on systems are the best around and we price them to beat the competition. We have the largest selection of stainless and chrome tips as well as 1.5" to 6" pipe bending and fabrication. With three locations to choose from, Exhaust Systems Hawaii is close by. Call us to arrange an estimate for services. In Kalihi call 808-848-8111; in University call 808-946-7110; in Waipahu call 808-671-8111; and in Kailua call 808-263-8111.
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