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Will a performance exhaust system increase my gas mileage?

In a short answer, yes it will. However, that is not the main benefit a performance exhaust has to offer. Aside from increasing your vehicles gas mileage by allowing the engine to run more efficiently, a performance exhaust increases horsepower (hp) and torque (ft lbs) by as much as 10% or more at a certain engine RPM. It also gives your vehicle a custom look and sound.

What does a typical exhaust system consist of?

All vehicles will have a factory OE (original equipment) exhaust system consisting of the following components/ assemblies:

1. Exhaust Manifold(s)—This bolts onto the engine and is usually made of cast iron or a similar metal.

2. Catalytic Converter Assembly—This connects to the manifold(s) and will contain at least 1 or up to 6 catalytic converters. It is against Federal Law to remove a catalytic converter from a vehicles exhaust system without replacing it with another one.

3. Connecter/Mid/Intermediate/Exhaust Pipe—This is a pipe that connects the catalytic converter assembly to the muffler.

4. Muffler(s)—This device is the primary device which silences the audible noises generated from a vehicle's engine.

5. Tailpipe(s)—This pipe connects to the muffler(s) and allows exhaust gases to exit behind the vehicle's rear tire.

6. Exhaust tip(s)—This is connected to the tailpipe by usually being clamped on and may or may not be sold as an accessory by car manufacturers.

Variety of Exhaust Pipes on Display

Exhaust and muffler questions

How much does a typical exhaust system cost?
The cost of a typical universal exhaust system (consisting of the connector pipe, muffler, and tailpipe) can cost as little as $150 plus labor or as much as $200 plus labor or more depending on the cost of the individual components. We have mufflers starting in price from $59. The best thing to do is to stop by with your vehicle and see what we have to offer you.

What brand of exhaust do you recommend for my car/truck?
Because there are different opinions, preferences, and styles in which we can configure an exhaust system based on customer needs, we recommend you bring the vehicle into any one of our locations and thoroughly discuss your many options/configurations with us. We answer all of your questions and give you our professional recommendations based on sound, performance, and style to suit you and your vehicle.

Do I have to change the entire exhaust system?
No, you don't. We can change or replace any part you want or need to. However, if you want the most for your vehicle in regards to performance and sound, we recommend at least looking into purchasing a cat or muffler back system.

What is a "muffler back system" and how is that different from a "cat back system?"
   - A "muffler back" system is a system in which we change from the front of the muffler back to the rear of the vehicle. Generally speaking, only the muffler(s) and tailpipe(s) are changed, hence the term "muffler back."

   - A "cat back" system differs from a "muffler back" system because it consists of changing the connecter pipe from behind the catalytic converter assembly back to the rear of the vehicle (while leaving the catalytic converter assembly untouched due to legality issues). Generally, only the connecter pipe, muffler(s), and tailpipe(s) are changed.

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